From SATURN with love: a bad USB power supply

Recently I needed another USB charger for my devices. I went to Saturn and picked up this Innergie adapter, which is rated for 10W (2A at 5V).



But, it doesn’t work. Sure, it can put out 2.5A, if you short it. I managed to get 0.6A out of it charging a 24Wh lithium-polymer battery, but at that current the voltage drops to 4.5V, which is outside of the USB specification and will not charge a mobile phone or tablet.


When I did plug in a mobile phone, it drew about 0.3A (1.5W) but the charging light did not turn on. The Innergie cannot even hold up at 1.5W, it dropped to 4.75V!

I lost the receipt, otherwise I would return it for my money back. So into the junk pile this goes… Lesson learned, next time save the receipt!

3 thoughts on “From SATURN with love: a bad USB power supply

  1. philectro

    i just mesured 4.75v on my innergie 15w adapter and fall on your blog by this search (4.75v keyword)
    i have paid it 30eur.
    it made by delta electronics which is a “great” brand in power supply.
    warranty 3 years

    it’s not a noname charger…it’s weird.

    Philectro from belgium, joinable on freenode.


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